PX43 Series

Compact Fountain Light

  • High power compact spotlight
  • Ideal for highlighting fountain jets (IP68)
  • 4‐Colour (RGB&CW) integrated LED
  • On‐board DMX interface
  • Individually addressable
  • Low voltage, high efficiency
  • Robust corrosion‐resistant construction


Compact LED fountain light constructed from a 3‐piece, precision‐machined, Stainless Steel Grade 316 housing, fitted with 1 x CREE “MC‐E” series RGBCW LED, medium angle frosted output optic and a clear glass lens. Each LED unit is pre‐wired with a custom tail and 8‐pin IP‐rated male connector ‐ for connection to “Wiring Looms”. These luminaires are wired in parallel for ease of installation. The fitting is designed for mounting into a plate or grating ‐ to facilitate this, the upper body has a machined M34 x 1.5mm thread. Each LED luminaire can be factory‐programmed with its own DMX address. See also drg. nos 24393 & 24394 for further details.


PX43 Characteristics

Greengate, Manchester

Greengate, Manchester

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