KAL Series

Compact Linear Luminaire

  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use (e.g. beneath canopies)
  • Choice of IP ratings
  • Compact 32mm x 25mm (cross section)
  • 40 x Mid Power LEDs per metre
  • Simple parallel wiring for ease of installation
  • Low power consumption, low heat
  • 148mm increments (P918 PCB)
  • Long life – 50,000hrs typical


Attractive, compact linear luminaire, made from an aluminium extrusion (32mm x 25mm cross section). The KAL Series luminaire is fitted with 40 x mid power lighting quality LEDs per metre with very wide (VWO) or integrated elliptical optics (EL), a clear polycarbonate filter and moulded endplates. Each luminaire is terminated with a 1 metre flying lead (other lengths available) via a grommet or cable gland. The circuit boards are fitted with on board “linear regulation”, allowing parallel wiring for ease of installation. A wide range of fixture lengths are available – from 345mm to 1820mm in 148mm increments. Supplied with custom designed mounting brackets to allow for adjustment. Connect to 24VDC constant voltage njo control boxes or power supplies.

Greengate, Manchester

Greengate, Manchester

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Number of LEDs 40 x mid power LEDs per metre
Power Level Current (AMPS) Power (Watts)
Low (L) 0.59A 14W
Medium (M) 0.85A 20W
High (H) 1.03A 25W
Housing Powder-coated aluminium
Optics Filter Extruded clear polycarbonate
Very Wide Optics (VWO) Ledil Siri Dome
Elliptical Optics (EL) Carclo IP-rated optics
Operating Voltage 22.0-24.5VDC (24VDC typ.)
LED Data: Luminaire Classification
Class III
(In accordance with BS EN 60598-1:2008)
End Plates Injection moulded polycarbonate
Code CCT 14W (L) 14W
W27 2700K 1,260lm 1,260lm 1,360lm
W30 3000K 1,800lm 1,800lm 1,900lm
W40 4000K 2,100lm 2,100lm 2,200lm
W50 5000K 1,260lm 1,260lm 1,360lm
Mounting Brackets stainless steel
Termination 2-core cable – Lapp Robust 210 (TPE), 0.5mm2 CSA, 4.9mm O.D (ref: W219) or PVC
IP Rating Options:
A = IP20
B = IP40
C = IP65
PCB Type P918 Resin Partial fill with electronics-grade silicone (IP65 version)
Product Weight 0.9kg per metre


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