DS Series

Recessed LED Waymarker

  • Compact IP67 linear waymarker
  • Separate base unit provides structural support
  • Wide range of ultrabright LED colours
  • Robust, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Low voltage, high efficiency
  • High reliability, low maintenance
  • Long Life – 30,000hrs typical


Recessed linear LED waymarker, made from a two part housing consisting of a base unit, which provides structural support and cable containment, and an LED array unit, which provides the light effect. Both parts are constructed from stainless steel. The LED array unit is fitted with 86 x LEDs per metre and uses an opal- diffused polycarbonate lens to provide a “line-of-light” effect. Each LED array unit is terminated with a 1 metre cable, via an IP67-rated cable gland. The luminaires are fitted with “Linear regulation” meaning that multiple units can be wired together in parallel. Fittings can be placed end-to-end to create long lines of light.

Greengate, Manchester

Greengate, Manchester

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Number of LEDs 86 LEDs per metre Operating Voltage 24VDC LED Array Unit grade 316 stainless steel
LED Type PLCC-6 integrated RGB Current 440mA (0.44A) max. per metre LED Array Unit Width 27mm
Illuminated Area 27mm x length Viewing Angle = 60°
LED Data: Power Consumption 11W max. per metre

(Above data is for njo P689 PCB)

Lens polycarbonate
Colour Wavelength lm/metre
Red 630nm 165
Green 525nm 270
Blue 470nm 100
Luminaire Classification Class III
(In accordance with BSEN 60598-1:2008)
Base Unit grade 304 stainless steel
Overall Height 110mm max (LED array & base)
Termination 1 metre rubberised cable
Environmental Protection IP67
Product Weight 7kg/metre (LED array & base)


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