DLX125/25 Series

Annular LED Fountain Light

  • Ideal for water jet illumination (IP68)
  • Robust corrosion – resistant construction
  • Low voltage, high efficiency
  • Long life -30,000hrs typical
  • High reliability, low maintenance
  • Easy parallel wiring


The DLX125/25; compact, annular shaped, high power, LED spotlight designed to fit over a fountain nozzle for illuminating jets of water. Constructed from a 2 piece stainless steel housing. Each unit is fitted with 12 x Osram high power LEDs and secondary optics with a choice of output angles. This LED unit incorporates an on‐board “Linear” regulation circuit. Terminated with flying lead via an IP68 cable gland, maintaining mechanical integrity and offering ingress protection. Optional cable protector is available. Adaptor sleeve for nozzle mounting is available ‐ please contact NJO for details. Each LED unit must be connected to a 15VDC Constant Voltage power supply or control box.


Optical Electrical Mechanical
Number of LEDs 12 x high power LEDs Optics Operating Voltage Range 13.5‐15.5VDC (15VDC typ.) Bezel O.D. 125mm with 25mm inner hole
Optics Fitted with IP‐rated Carlco optic Current 1.07A, Configured in strings of 3 LEDs Height 28.0mm
LED Data: Power Consumption 16W max.

Above data is for P817 PCB

Lens 8.0mm clear toughened glass
Colour CCT/nm Output CRI
Red 630nm 125lm
Green 525nm 205lm
Blue 470nm 701lm
Cool White 6000K 285lm 70 typ
Luminaire Classification Class III
(In accordance with BS EN 60598‐1:2008)
IP Rating IP68
Product Weight 1.6KG
Termination 5‐core rubberised cable, 0.5mm2 CSA, 6.6mm O.D. (ref: W504)

Note: Lumen output has been adjusted in for 87% optic efficiency.

Important Note: DMX Caveat
When programming the DMX512 for the scheme, the amount of each colour can be set between 0 & 255 bits. So, on “Full Drive” the maximum possible number of bits of DMX is 1020 (255 bits per colour). However to prevent the LED units from overheating, the total number of bits of DMX for a maximum of 4 colours should be no more than 765 bits.

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