BLS100 Series

Beacon Light

  • Ideal for outdoor use (IP67)
  • Wide output
  • Uses 48x lighting quality Osram LEDs
  • Dimmable light output (via njo DMX based Control Box)
  • 24VDC Low voltage, high efficiency
  • Long life – 100,000 hours


Dimmable ∅100mm beacon light, designed to produce a bright output with a choice of a flat or domed lens. The luminaire is constructed from a 316 stainless steel bezel ring and aluminium housing with a satin anodised finish, fitted with 48x lighting quality Osram LEDs. Terminated with a 3 metre flying lead (other lengths available) via IP67 cable gland, this luminaire incorporates onboard “Linear” regulation, allowing simple parallel wiring, for ease of installation. Power & control is provided via njo control gear and DMX512 source.


bls100 Characteristics

Greengate, Manchester

Greengate, Manchester

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